School vision satements outline a school valus and objective They Provide parents and the community a brief but clear overview of the overall ethos of the school on the other hand school mision statements explain what the school is currently doing to achieve its vision.school need both vision and mison statements to show their comminty what their valus and beliefs are The Vision Of ANKUL VIDHYA MANDIR is Provide Oppportunities to cartev Global Citizens and Leaders of tommorrow though tranional valus of love empaty disciplie and respcet And to rain the skills requires for successful intercation with other indivduls.


. Pursuit of excellence in Academics Games and Sprots Co-curricular activties nd in Human Vales.

.Development of Personality instilling Qualities Of self-reliance courage self-confidnce and self-esteem

.Nurturing physically mentally spirtually balanced citizen with a deep sense of patriotsm

.Fostering independent thinking thoruful decision-making critial analys appreciation with intellectual humlity to accept differnce in opinion.

.Helping the students to discover what it is to live and grow with clartiy of thouth with harmony in Nature with beauty and freedum in the world.

.Inculcating the best of indian culture and tradition among who are fully aware of thier social moral and  cultural obligational and commitments with a desire for unbound service to humatiut



Rooted to culture and committed to success,

Pre-School Vision and Mission

.We Foster our students love for learing encourge them to try new and exciting things and givce them a solid foundinal a build on.

.Our vision is to develop well rounded confident and responsive individuals who aspire to achive their full potential we will do this by providing a welcomeing happy safe and all achievemets are celebrated.

.We beleive that a happy child is a successful one we are committed a provideing a positive, safe and sitmulating envionment for childern to learn where are vauled we inted that all childern should enjoy thier learing achieve thier potenital and becomei indepent life-long